Better Nights Baby Sleep

Better nights start with better sleep.

Help your little one learn how to sleep better and get the rest they need with our supportive and customizable sleep coaching options!

Better sleep for your child means a better night for you.

  • Stress Less

    We take the stress out of sleep! We know that you need a simple and easy to follow sleep plan, because let’s face it, life with a baby is complicated enough already. Sleep doesn't have to be!

  • Go with the flow

    Our sleep plans go where you go. We know that life happens, and sometimes sleep just isn’t perfect. We prepare you with the knowledge you need, to handle the unexpected with ease!

  • We've got your back!

    You’re not alone! Our plans walk you through each step to better sleep. If you need more support, you can reach out to us on our social media account @lifeathome_withtheboys !

Who We Are

Hi! I’m Danielle, founder of Better Nights Baby Sleep.

As a mom of two young boys I know first hand what it’s like to struggle with sleep, and more specifically I know what it’s like when the smallest members of the family are not sleeping!

I am a firm believer of doing what works best for your own family, and making changes only when your routines are no longer serving you and your family. I understand firsthand the desperation to try ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to just get your baby to sleep, so you won’t find any judgement here!

With little or no guidance this can be a scary, stressful and frustrating journey! My goal is to keep it simple, (relatively) stress-free, and to help you feel supported when you decide that it’s time for a change in your family’s sleep situation.

Using evidence-based and proven methods, I look forward to guiding you and your family to better sleep!

Ready to get started?

I'm ready for better nights!

Our Sleep Services

  • Personalized Self-Guided Comprehensive Sleep Plan

    Everything you need to help your child sleep better in just 3 days!

    We will work with you to create a personalized, comprehensive sleep plan tailored to your child. Our plans are easy to follow and include real-time text-message support throughout the entire process, so you are never alone.

    We use emotionally supportive methods that allow you to lovingly connect with your child every step of the way!

    Our programs are evidence based and adhere to safe sleep guidelines.

    Book a FREE Discovery call to chat with us and determine if this is the right plan for you!

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  • Newborn Sleep Program

    Designed to help pregnant mothers and new parents learn about what is normal when it comes to sleep during the newborn period & how to set your child up for success!

    You can expect to learn about tips and tricks to get on the path to sleep success from the very beginning by developing safe and healthy sleep habits.

    (You will not find information regarding formal sleep training practices here, as newborns are not developmentally ready to master these skills yet.)

    This program is appropriate for babies from birth - approximately 12 weeks.

    This course is an amazing resource, available as a downloadable PDF, so that you can get started immediately!

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  • Self-Guided Toddler Program

    Toddler's can be tricky when it comes to sleep (and a lot of other things too!). Often they may protest the most during bedtimes and the struggle to get your child to sleep independently can be extremely difficult. 


    This self-guidedprogram has been developed to provide you with the action plan you need to start guiding your toddler towards independent sleep.

    When it comes to toddlers, sleep training can take additional time and may require additional patience as they test boundaries and learn these new skills.

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